Dynamics of northwards-biased random walkers in a small garden and a large desert

Segismundo S. Izquierdo & Luis R. Izquierdo


To use Garden-Desert, you will have to install NetLogo 5.3.1 (free and open source) and download the model itself. Unzip the downloaded file and click on Garden-Desert.nlogo



The model shows two independent areas: a small (8x8) green garden on the left, and a large (200x200) yellow desert on the right. For each area, an iteration of the model implies (a) the creation of one agent in the middle of the area, and (b) that each agent within the area advances one step: upwards (with probability 0.4), leftwards (with probability 0.2), rightwards (with probability 0.2) or downwards (with probability 0.2). Agents that reach the border of their corresponding area cannot return. The button "Clear" initialises the model.


Garden-Desert is a model designed to illustrate the mean-field approximation of stochastic models
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